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Money Saving Tips for Writers

Tip 6

(For the other five tips, see my blog at www.scribeofspirit.blogspot.com)


Make and print your own SIMPLE CHEAP BUSINESS CARDS for 20 % of the cost of regular business cards.

Buy a packet of Avery perforated business card stationery.

Log on to www.avery.com or www.averyproducts.com.au . Go to top ribbon Templates and Software/Design and Print Online.

·         Add your name and email address and follow the prompts.

·         Ensure that you have the right Adobe flash players installed. You’ll see the small icons on the bottom RH corner.

·         Click Create a New Project.

·         There is a blank template available or you can use theirs.

(The blank template actually looks better in black and white.)

For the best look on this generic template, use a personalized photo.

Tip: Make all the changes you want at once. You need to go back to the beginning to make changes and click ‘Open a Saved Project’.


(You can also print without using the online service by using your Msoft Word mail merge.)



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Ways to promote your book

For the best fifty ways to promote your book, you can’t go past this list by WritersWeekly.com …

http://www.worldwidefreelance.com/ Newsletter, vol X issue 11.

Happy Marketing!


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