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The Time of Your Life

img_2142cThe singer songwriter producer with the 2008 number one hit Time of Your Life—which became an American Idol winner—has signed a combined book and record deal with Tate Publishing and Tate Music Group.

The book, scheduled for release in 2010, tells the life changing decision Regie Hamm made to adopt an orphaned Chinese girl. Regie’s song was the winning entry in American Idol’s seventh season.

“You can’t see the circle while you’re making it,” says Regie. “Only special moments can allow you to see all of it. China…babies…songs…music…dreams…success…happiness. They all mean different things to me because of what I have been through. Any plan I would have developed could not have been as beautiful and unexpected. This one was divine.” From Tate Publishing Newsletter, Quarter 4, 2009.
To find out about the annual Bella Bash concert Regie runs to raise money for Angelman syndrome, go to http://bellabash.tatemusicgroup.net/. To get those amazing lyrics, go to



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