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A Book to Change a Generation

For Young Women Only

Every now and again a book comes along that could make a really positive societal change. For Young Women Only: what you need to know about how guys think  http://www.amazon.com/Young-Women-Only-About-Think/dp/1590526503  by Shaunti Feldhahn is such a book. An easy read, this is a candid look at male attitudes to young women. Research questions asked of a cross section of young men reveal how they see young girls’ clothing , what they think about body image, and what a young woman can do to keep her sense of dignity amongst the pressure to wear inappropriate fashion.  This is a must read for every thirteen-year-old girl.


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A Bridge of Life–a Book

A Bridge of Life—a Book

For thirty-two years her depression and grief had nearly swept me away. For thirty-two years I had so wanted to introduce her to words of comfort—words that would truly last her a lifetime.  Then, unexpectedly, in her dying hours, a book fell into my hands that acted like a bridge.

Handprints-Front-CoverWhen I introduced my mother-in-law to the scriptures for the first and last time, it was easier than I had ever envisioned. Thanks to a book by Peter Nicholls—Handprints of the Creator (http://www.peternicholls.com.au/handprints.htm). With this book, I was able to ease her life-threatening pain for a precious half hour, as the scriptures and pictures took us to places far beyond the confines of her palliative  bed. The pictures tapped into a lifetime of glimpses into places she had met me—scenes reminiscent of one happy memory after another. Thank you, Peter, for making the hardest painful hours of Naida’s life just a little bit brighter. This book is truly a bridge for troubled waters.

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